Moving in or to the City of San Diego

Moving into the City of San Diego with Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance from another agency is known as “porting in.”

The San Diego Housing Commission’s (SDHC) jurisdiction is within the City of San Diego (ZIP codes that begin with 921, including 92037).

To qualify to move with your voucher, either within the City of San Diego, or outside of SDHC’s jurisdiction:

  • You must have been a rental assistance participant for at least 12 months.
  • You cannot have moved within that 12-month period.
  • You must not be in violation of any program rules.
  • You must not have any outstanding payments owed to SDHC.

A household that is receiving rental assistance from another agency and wishes to move into SDHC’s jurisdiction is required to follow the steps below.

For a printable version of the following Step-by-Step Guide, CLICK HERE

Step 1 - Begin the Process

- Contact your current housing agency and request to transfer your rental assistance to SDHC.
- Your current housing agency can send your paperwork to SDHC to begin your move:
San Diego Housing Commission (Portability)
1122 Broadway, Suite 300,
San Diego, CA  92101


(619) 578-7375

- SDHC can only accept “porting in” requests from housing agencies and will not accept hand-delivered paperwork

 Step 2 - SDHC Review

- After SDHC receives the information from your current housing agency, SDHC will review the paperwork.

- SDHC will determine what voucher size your family qualifies for according to its policies.

- SDHC will provide you with a voucher that can be used within the City of San Diego.

- SDHC will send you a “Port-in” packet, which you must complete and return to SDHC.

- Once the “Port-in” packet is received, SDHC will issue the applicant/participant a Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) to provide to a prospective landlord. The voucher has an expiration date set by the initial housing agency. Any requests for extensions must be approved by the initiating housing agency.   

Note: Voucher size is determined by the number of household members regardless of age or gender. One room is assigned to the Head of Household and/or spouse and one room is assigned for every additional two people.

Step 3 - The Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) Packet  

- The RFTA Packet includes forms for the prospective landlord and the applicant/participant to review and complete.

- The landlord must provide a copy of the Lease Agreement along with the RFTA packet when the packet is submitted to SDHC.

- Once the RFTA packet is received, SDHC’s Leasing Housing Assistant will review it and inform you and/or your prospective landlord of any verification needed or action required to approve or disapprove the RFTA.

- If the RFTA is approved, the Leasing Housing Assistant will forwarded it to the Inspections Department to schedule an inspection.

 Step 4 - The Inspection & Final Contract Process 

- The Inspections Department will call the prospective landlord to schedule the inspection.

- If the rental housing unit passes the inspection and the requested rent is approved and determined to be reasonable, the Leasing Housing Assistant will begin finalizing and sending contracts to the landlord.

- The landlord will receive the final contracts after the rental housing unit passes the inspection, and SDHC can verify that the participant moved out of the previous unit and moved into the new unit.

- The Leasing Housing Assistant will finalize your portion of the rent and send you and your landlord a Rent Portion letter.

- Once both the landlord and you sign and submit the final contracts, the Leasing Housing Assistant will process the move and initiate the landlord’s first payment.

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