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Landlord Engagement and Assistance Program


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The Landlord Engagement and Assistance Program (LEAP) provides incentives for landlords with rental housing units in the City of San Diego who rent to San Diegans experiencing homelessness.

Incentives for landlords include:

  • $500 for the first unit landlords rent to a homeless household and $250 for each additional unit
  • Up to two times the contract rent in security deposits and an average of $100 in utility assistance per household
  • A contingency fund to help landlords cover expenses, such as repairs that exceed security deposits
  • Dedicated San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) housing specialists to answer landlords’ questions

LEAP is part of HOUSING FIRST – SAN DIEGO, SDHC’s homelessness action plan, which has created more 9,300 housing solutions in five and a half years for San Diegans experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.

Rent Through LEAP During COVID-19 Pandemic

Landlords who join LEAP can provide essential housing opportunities for more than 900 individuals experiencing homelessness who currently reside at the shelter at the San Diego Convention Center through “Operation Shelter to Home.”

These individuals have been matched with resources to help them move into a rental home when units are available.

More than 1300 landlords have joined LEAP and helped to provide housing for 3,832 individuals experiencing homelessness.

“Operation Shelter to Home” is a system-wide, coordinated plan to further help sheltered and unsheltered individuals remain healthy during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The temporary repurposing of Golden Hall and the San Diego Convention Center in the City of San Diego as shelters supports a broader regional approach to address homelessness during this state of emergency.

The Regional Task Force on the Homeless in partnership with the region’s cities, the County of San Diego, San Diego Housing Commission and homeless service providers developed “Operation Shelter to Home.”

Learn more about this regional effort:

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